Exclusive patented Light Grip Line.
Leave your mark, by day and by night.

Exclusive patented Light Grip Line.

How to give a space a real touch of class, make it safer and visible even when the lights are low, without changing its appearance? Simple, with Light Grip Line: Marmi Adami's patented anti-slip system.

Light Grip Line works by inserting a strip of particularly rough resin, containing adjustable led lights, directly into marble steps, the edge of a swimming pool or any stone cladding.
The innovative system is perfectly integrated and linked to a twilight or radar switch, which allows the user to adjust the light intensity to suit requirements, choosing from various settings. When not illuminated, the strip looks like an ordinary anti-slip device; it is non-invasive, safe and waterproof.


The multiple options for regulating the light allow different effects to be created, more or less suffused, always elegant and extremely pleasing to the eye. So at a touch, any space can become really magical.

Tecnical specification:

  • Epoxy resin strip to chosen colour
  • 12 volt led lights
  • Dimmer
  • Simple secure anti-slip
  • Fully waterproof
  • Totally integrated into the marble
  • Easily substituted