Marmi Adami: Processings
The ability to look ahead.

Marmi Adami: Processings

Extensive experience is always vital for any self-respecting firm. But that's not enough. It takes technology, innovation, flexibility and very, very good taste.

Marmi Adami works in collaboration with architects and designers, constantly focusing on the project. We use state-of-the-art numerical control machinery for high-precision work, and rely on an expert team who have the skills to carry out extremely precise designs and projects, both classical and modern.
All this so that every facing, every floor, bathroom or staircase, is created as if it were our own, not just the client's.


  • light grip line
  • floors and cladding
  • staircases
  • bathrooms
  • interior decor
  • exterior decor
  • sacred decor
  • new projects